Who We Are

Community Initiative Action Group-Kenya Trust(CIAG-K) is a Human Rights, social justice and social policy organization working as a non-state agency mainly in the core areas of Human rights, education, governance/resource mobilization and social sector analysis. CIAG-K is registered under the Laws of Kenya as Trust. It focus on research, analysis, training, and advocacy and facilitating debates in different aspects of civic duties and responsibilities, social justice, economic, human rights and social policy areas.

The Initiative is an experiment in volunteerism and the construction of alternative systems to the dominant mainstream ideologies.The Initiative seeks people who see life from close quarters and believe in working with the most marginalized; those who are disturbed by the character of mainstream processes that eludes the comprehension of most people. The Initiative was constituted to implement vibrant programs that would effect the greatest change in the lives of communities and their organizations in Kenya based on relationships which capitalize on the use of alternative systems and spirituality in order to build social capital. The Initiative main goal is to support basic community efforts in order to build a self-sustaining alternative sector in Kenya and to raise the competence of community institutions and their representatives