Organizational Profile

Vision -Realization of a just and dignified society based on democratic ideals where community members are able to realize their full potential, and basic needs are accessible and guaranteed for all.

Mission– Empowering communities, organizations and social groups for active participation in social and development processes in the society through theatre, educational and capacity-

Our Broad Goal – Mobilize and strengthen capacities of communities, social formations and other actors towards justice and dignified society.

Strategic Objectives

  • Entrench ownership and enhance sustainability in development programs within focus communities.
  • Secure community participation in good governance and advocacy
  • Conduct regular social-sector studies/analyses and subsequently facilitate sectoral debates on topical issues of social, political & economic nature.
  • Advocate for, facilitate and influence policy reforms and program shift in favor of Education for All and Millennium Development goals.
  • Promote civic education, information technology and other emerging social development issues across Western Kenya and beyond
  • Develop skills and build capacity of all stakeholders in education
  • Provide civic space for communities, civil societies and public officials for effective engagement in promoting good governance.
  • Provide space for youth and Youth groups for effective empowerment.
  • Involve communities in post conflict peacebuilding and conflict mitigation efforts

CIAG-K works in seven programme areas

  1. • Child development
  2. Governance (Budget and accountability) ,
  3. Women and social justice
  4. Research
  5. Natural resource management
  6. Conflict mitigation and reconciliation