My in-law wants me out of his land which he exchanged with mine

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October 12, 2020
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October 12, 2020

Josephine Atieno is the wife to the last born son in the family of Abong’oOsuri in Manga-Indhine village in Komenya-Kalaka Sub Location in Alego-Usonga Sub County. When Osuri was dividing his land among his male children, her husband, Lazaro Ochieng missed out, as he was still young.

But Osuri decided to give Ochieng his compound, and some quarter acre parcel just in front of his gate, as these were the only remaining spaces.But for a long time, Ochieng and his wife lived in Kericho, where he was working.When Ochieng died in 1999, Atieno was still living in her father-in-law’s compound.When it was time for Atieno to move out of the compound, the only available land at the father-in-law’s gate had already been taken by one of the brothers to her husband.She now had nowhere to move to, and decided to build behind her father-in-law’s house.

She claims that this did not go well with her, as it was interpreted to be a taboo, and she paid the price by contracting an illness which could not be treated.She needed to move from that place, yet she had no alternative parcel, as the brother-in-law had already occupied her place.She however approached the brother-in-law who agreed to give her an alternative piece of land adjacent to River Nzoia, in place for her land which he had built on. She did not however bother to change the details in the title deed from the brother-in-law’s name to hers.

But everything was okay until early 2017 when the National Water Corporation moved to acquire some parcels of land near River Nzoia for the construction of a Canal which is set to be used to improve irrigation in the area.Atieno’s home was affected, hence she was lined up for compensation so that she could move out of that land to give way for the project.It was at this time that the brother-in-law who had given her this land in exchange for hers, turned round and begun to demand for his land.

The brother-in-law demanded that the compensation money given to him, as he was the valid owner of the land as indicated in the title deed. At the same time, he declined to move out of Atieno’s land number 1227 where he built his home.

“This means I lose this land where I currently live, plus the one which I lost to my brother-in-law,” said Atieno, 46 years old.

Atieno contacts: 0741623589/0702280779

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