I am waiting for eviction from my husband’s land

30 years after buying land, we have been denied rights to transfer it to our name
October 12, 2020
How my neighbor is compromising the authorities to disinherit me ancestral land
October 12, 2020

In 1982, a MrJosiaAbidha bought an acre piece of land at BondoTownship from a Mr Sure Apiyo.Apiyo who had no money to develop the land then later sold it to his four cousins who bought it jointly before subdividing it into four equal sizes.One of these siblings who bought the land was Henry Mulo.While two of the siblings went ahead to develop their plots, Mulo who had a lot of family engagement could not develop his land in time.He died in 2009, leaving behind his wife Pamela Akinyi and five children.

However, three years ago, Akinyi was shocked when unknown people went to the plot and begun to fence it off.“When I inquired why they were fencing my plot, they told me the plot belonged to a MrArika, a renown lawyer in the area,” said Akinyi.Akinyi then took to the area administration in a bid to find out whom the trespasser was, and how he gained access into the land.

She then discovered that despite her husband and the siblings finalizing the buying of the land from MrApiyo, they never proceeded to change the details in the title deed.This, she suspected that may have been taken advantage of by MrApiyo to resell the entire land.And when the buyer went to the ground to fence off the land, he discovered that some people were living inside.

To avoid the loss, the buyer decided to fence off MsAkinyi’s parcel which had no permanent building, except a small semi-parmanent house which her family was living in.Efforts to seek justice has since hit a snag after Apiyo’s son teamed up with the buyer to disinherit Akinyi.

“It is sad that when they met resistance while trying to repossess the entire land, they settled on me because I had lost my hudband and had no one to stand for me,” said Akinyi.

According to Akinyi, the buyer has since dropped his intention to reclaim the plots of her husband’s siblings since they have been developed, and instead focused on her portion which remains bare, despite the entire land having been bought as a single parcel, and is yet to be formerly subdivided.Arika has since gone to court to seek an eviction order, which would be used to throw out Akinyi and her orphaned children from the land located at Bar Kowino Sub Location in Bondo.

“The main witness who was part of the land sale between Apiyo and Josiah is still alive, and has been willing to testify to confirm that Apiyo sold the entire land to Josiah who later sold the entire land to my husband and his siblings. And if Apiyo is claiming the land again, why not claim the entire parcel instead of frustrating me alone while the other plots are spared? Is it because I am helpless?” she posed.

As things stand, Akinyi is waiting for the court verdict over her planned eviction from the land she surely believes belong to her late husband.

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