I am too helpless to fight for my land from rich MCA

My only mistake was to give birth to all girls
October 12, 2020
I borrowed Sh19, 000 from my cousin, he turned me into a squatter in my land
October 12, 2020

For Albert Muhoma, the thorn in his flesh is his immediate neighbor who has moved into his land and fenced off part of it under unclear circumstances. According to Muhoma, his father had two wives. When his step-grandfather lost his wife and all the children, he asked Muhoma’s father to allow one of his wives stay with him.

The old man eventually died, including Muhoma’s stepmother who had been taking care of the old man. The old man’s vast land remained behind, and Muhoma’s family, which was the immediate next of kin took over the land registration 245 in Sirongo, Rambula, in Ugunja Sub County.

Recently, Muhoma claims that area MCA BenardOdero came in and fenced off part of the land without uttering a word to the family.  “When we inquired why he was doing that, he claimed that he had bought the land,” said Muhoma.

Today, the man born in 1939 do not know where he will get an alternative land to settle his ten children who are now grownups and require space to build their homes.


Muhoma contacts: 0742413711/0715620061

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