How Rasanga is grabbing our lands through illegal boundary review

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October 12, 2020
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October 12, 2020

Luke Odhiambo, a retired secondary school teacher is at the brink of losing half an acre of his land.The resident of Abindu village, in Nyajuok claims that illegal redesigning of an access road to fit Governor Cornel Rasanga’s plan will also affect five other families.

According to Odhiambo, 62, Rasanga bought a controversial land in the area few years ago. This year, the Governor, while starting to develop his land built a farm house at the middle of the road. When residents raised an alarm, the Governor brought in someone who introduced himself as a county surveyor to determine the boundaries of his parcel.

The surveyor redrew the boundaries to accommodate Rasanga’s farm house which was at the middle of the road, and through this proposed the movement of the road towards the opposite side, extending Rasanga’s boundary to the neighbouring parcels.

Despite the road not having been opened up, Odhiambo says owners of the neighbouring parcels have tried in vain to stop the boundary extension which is likely to take away up to a quarter acre of land from each of them.

“When doing boundary survey, one requires to inform and invite the neighbours so that there is understanding on the markings. But this is pure land grabbing, as only one party (The Governor) bringing in his own people to redraw the boundary whichonly benefits himself at the expense of neighbours,” said Odhiambo.

Some of the neighbours who are also set to lose portions of their lands to the governor should the new boundaries be implemented include; Fredrick Omollo, Marcus Ahomo, RajulaOdhiambo, ZablonOtienoAbuoro and Maurice Ogutu.

The team is already deliberating how to stop the governor from the illegality, but they still have to deal with the big brother syndrome deployed by Rasanga who uses his powers to get his way.

Odhiambo contacts: 0713064000

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