How my neighbor is compromising the authorities to disinherit me ancestral land

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October 12, 2020
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October 12, 2020

Fifty year old Jane Oonje is at the brink of losing almost half of her 2.8 ha piece of land at Nyapiedho village in North Sakwa, Bondo Sub County.The land registered under NORTHSAKWA/MARANDA55 is said to have been inherited from her father-in-law FanuelOyugiWandolo, by her late husband John Mware.

According to MsOonje, a mother of four children, in 2014, she curiously tried to know the size of her land after she noticed that her neighbor had begun leasing part of it.“I just felt curious, because the neighbor who was leasing the land (Vincent Otieno) one day approached my son and asked him if he knew the size of our land. I suspected he wanted to play some game,” said Oonje.

Between her farm and another neighbor, MsOonje says they had agreed to allow some small space to be used as a pathway for other neighbours who had no access to the main road.She only noticed MrOtieno had encroached into her land when he fenced off part of the pathway, blocking access to the neighbours’ homes.MrOtieno, who had insisted that the land was his, went for a private surveyor, whom MsOonje says got the correct boundaries, pushing Otieno back to his original land.

But Otieno allegedly brobed his way, and got another surveyor who got the measurements as Otieno had desired.Sencing that she could lose her land, MsOonje moved to the land registry in Bondo, and processed documents for her land.Despite her documents showing the original land boundaries, MsOonje claims that Otieno, a renown teacher in the area has gone ahead to fence off half of her land, and even built a home there.

“My worry is that these issues came up after the death of my husband. And during my entire stay in this home, I never witnessed any form of land tussle between our family and the neighbours,” she said.She claims that the chief and the land registry officials have been compromised, and have not been willing to listen to her plea to have the matter sorted when she is still alive.

MsOonje contacts: 0707486643/0731667723

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