Community Initiative Action Group-Kenya Trust (CIAG-K) is a human Rights, social justice and social policy organization founded in 2005 and works as a non-state agency, not for profit organization. The Organization is registered under the laws of Kenya as a trust and carries out its activities through research, policy analysis, advocacy, trainings and facilitation of debates in different aspects of civic duties and responsibilities.

Our distinct elements are a committed to support community -led groups and a commitment to community -inclusive decisions -making process within our stakeholders.

We recognised that individuals and community experiencing injustices should lead in articulating the change they wish to see and paths taken towards its realisation. impacted communities – and the social movements that represent them-must lead not only because we want shift power, but because they know better than anyone else about their own needs, contexts and possibilities for change.

Our Vision

A just and dignified society in which citizens realize their full potential and basic needs are realized for all.

Our Mission

Empowering communities, organisations and social groups to transform societies.

Our Roots

Ants, Bees and Spiders is the theme of the 2019-2024 CIAG Strategic Plan. In it, CIAG will transform the vulnerable (ants) into an army that demands their rights. They will be able to use their constitutional rights and powers (bees) to hold their leaders to account. It will network with other organizations (Spiders web) to achieve a dignified and just society.

Our Partners