How Governor Rasanga took grabbed my one acre piece of land

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October 12, 2020
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October 12, 2020

Monica AnyangoAndiwo, 60, is a distressed woman. With her retired husband GedeonOtienoAbwanda now paralyzed, the mother of eight children is the key breadwinner for the family.Her only source of income (land parcel number 1940 located in Abindu village in Nyajuok) has been raided, and the perpetrator is the person who should be protecting her, Governor Cornel Rasanga.

Sometime in 2018, Anyango was busy at home when someone called her out, informing her that some people were conducting some measurements in her farm and putting boundaries. “By the time I got to the farm, the people had left, so I decided to uproot all that they had pinned inside the farm,” she said.She was arrested for trespassing and malicious damage to property belonging to a Mr Walter MigeleOkungu. However, she was later acquitted.

She had tilled this land for several years after buying it from a Mr Peter OlooMadara, and did not understand how she could be charged for trespassing on her property.“Since we bought it in 2004, we never changed the title deed to our names, but we just felt safe because the sellers were people we knew very well and didn’t think twice about it,” said Anyango.

In December 2019, Anyango says the surveyor returned, did their measurements, and by the time she was realizing, they had eaten into her land, taking one acre from the five acre parcel.She later discovered that the grabber was Governor Cornel Rasanga, and that she was not the only victim in the scheme.After identifying other victims, they met and begun to push for a recovery mission, which has not been fruitful following the governor’s influence in the land registry.

The group managed to send a demand letter to Rasanga through YOUNEAR GUEST HOUSE, which is his business entity, and Migele who was the alleged seller.At the time of documenting this case, Rasanga was yet to respond, with the affected residents in dilemma as the Governor had fenced off the parcels and begun to develop it.

Anyango contacts: 0729489656

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