Budget Advocacy

CIAG-Kenya facilitates community discussions of the issues affecting them towards realizing a just society in Siaya County. The discussions revolve around access to economic, social and cultural rights as entrenched in article 43 of Kenya constitution 2010. These include issues to with access to health, water, education, good roads and food security. The focal point of the discussion is how the problems can be addressed by allocating adequate funds in the budgets of Siaya county government. In the picture is the community from North Ramba sub-location in east Asembo ward, Rarieda sub-county, Siaya County during stakeholder forum held in east Asembo to discuss the steps made by county government of Siaya towards enhancing livelihoods of the community in east Asembo ward. CIAG-Kenya furthermore engages the community to ensure that voices from Siaya County are heard and taken into account regarding public participation on budget process and holding leaders accountable.

A just community is focused on equality, democracy, access to public services and the opportunity or ability of the community to hold their leaders accountable in what they implement in the community. CIAG-Kenya through the program “Enhancing citizen participation in the budget process” brings together stakeholders in the community of Siaya County with the objective to jointly discuss the status of their involvement in budget process and monitoring projects done by the county government of Siaya to realize a just society. The objective is to   promote rural social justice, equal distribution of opportunities and resources for social mobility, enhanced access to social space and citizen participation in the budget process in Siaya County. In the pictures are stakeholders drawn from East Asembo ward during a stakeholders forum that was held in East Asembo, Nyilima Community Library hall to share on the status of their ward since the inception of devolution and the modalities of bridging the existing gaps and how to hold leaders accountable in every particular initiative in the ward.

Together with community members of East Asembo ward in Siaya County, CIAG-Kenya facilitates dialogues on collective approaches addressing trends and challenges in the community that arisesfrom public participation in the budget process, the community engagement in the prioritization of projects in the budget of Siaya county and monitoring implementation of projects to meet the needs of the target beneficiary during a consultative meeting held in East Asembo.

What are the reasons behind community participation in the budget process and oversight of community projects done by county government of Siaya…!!…community members from east Asembo ward in Rarieda sub-county, Siaya County, facilitated by CIAG-Kenya held a community stakeholder engagement forum at Nyilima Community library to elaborate the reasons behind public engagement in budget process and oversight project done by county government of Siaya and respond to questions on community responsiveness budgets as well as how to effectively work with county government of Siaya

Community members from North Alego ward that constitute the social accountability committee form the ward engage with CIAG-Kenya team in discussing how to monitor the implementation of ward based development project.  Emerging issues during the engagement included how the duty bearers involve the community in the projects, status of the projects and ways to improve service delivery in the entire projects done at the ward level

CIAG-Kenya envisions a community in which women take active responsibility in making voices to shape the destiny of community they live in. Celestine a community from North Alego ward share her views during a consultative meeting with social accountability committee of North Alego ward held at Nyamila community resource Centre supported by CIAG-Kenya.

West Uyoma Ward accountability committee is a platform for the community to discuss the progress made county government of Siaya towards ensuring improvement of service delivery in west Uyoma and increase meaningful engagement with duty bearers. CIAG-Kenya held a consultative meeting with the social accountability committee from west Uyoma ward to train them on how to gather information and document for social audit purpose.

Purposive outreach to the grass root in Siaya County, Breaking down devolution at Achar ACK church in west Uyoma ward for the community during community meeting with social accountability committee supported by CIAG-Kenya